The AEM-Cube: the value of individual and the power of strategic diversity

We live in a constantly changing world. Fortunately we are, by nature, not only well equipped to adapt to the changing environment but also to embrace the opportunity to grow and develop. Each of us approach change and development in our own unique way, bringing a broad spectrum of valuable inputs and dynamics.

So, how can these different perspectives and motives be organised? The AEM-Cube maps how people address and engage with change and development. The tool is based on more than 20 years of research and aids individuals, teams and organizations to identify the development potential of people and to link this to strategy development.

3 dimensional developmentmodel

The AEM-cube focuses on three important dimensions of change and development:

  • Attachment
  • Exploration
  • Management of Complexity

The AEM-cube focuses on three important dimensions of change and development: Attachment, Exploration and the Management of Complexity. On the basis of these three dimensions,  the nature and the unique contribution of the individual within the process of development and change is framed. By combining these contributions within a team description, the whole spectrum of individual imperatives are bundled and the team gains an understanding in the strategic diversity. In this way the AEM-cube provides insight, not only into one’s own qualities, but also how to deal with the attributes of others in the pursuit of individual, team and organizational goals.

The AEM-Cube in short is

  • a three-dimensional development tool to map the talents and challenges of individuals, teams and organisations
  • available in multiple languages as a self- analysis and 360 degree feedback tool
  • deployed worldwide by more than 2,500 organizations for a range of business skills, including recruitment, career coaching, leadership courses, innovation programs, team-building

The AEM-Cube for individuals

  • helps with personal development: Where do my strengths and talents lie in contributing to change and development? What drives me?
  • helps with collaboration: How do I communicate with and contribute to the team?
  • helps with career choices: Which leadership style works for me? Am I in the right place? Which role suits me best?

The AEM-Cube for teams

  • maps the cognitive and strategic diversity of teams by bundling the individual contributions
  • fosters mutual appreciation and understanding of everyone’s unique contribution to team performance
  • helps to analyse and predict team dynamics to ensure sustainable development, even if the composition of the team or organization changes

The AEM-Cube for organizations

  • gives an insight into the optimal contributions of individuals in the development of the strategic goals of the organization
  • provides an insight into linking the optimal contributions of individuals to the strategic objectives in the organization
  • helps nurture and deliver innovation, self-management and change processes