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Did the pandemic make you look differently at your career? In addition to the economic consequences, the pandemic also revealed a deeper issue of meaning. Our freedoms turned out to be vulnerable and limited, things that were taken for granted are more shaky than expected. We see a steady increase in professionals who are looking for a new interpretation. The number of burnouts among professionals in the Netherlands has also increased. With the professional guidance of a TEC coach you can discover what your next career step is.

With the Career Switch program, we help you make the right choices. We do this based on the following four components:

  • Why: discovering your interests, talents and motives;
  • What: defining in what kind of position and in what type of organization you are best suited;
  • Where: creating focus on your next career step and the companies where you would like to work;
  • How: formulating different ways to effectively avoid blockages and pitfalls and how to acquire a new position from an authentic and connecting strength.

Personal coach

Top Executive Care has an affinity with and years of experience in guiding executives, managers and professionals. We create a safe environment that allows for frank and honest conversations. Your coach holds up a mirror to you in an atmosphere of trust. With the insights from these conversations, we jointly form a picture of which environment and which career suits you best.

Over the past 21 years, our team has helped more than hundreds of people through our Career Switch program on their way to a new job. We understand that it can be difficult to take this step, because switching jobs involves emotions. That is why we like to help you create awareness, discover what really interests and motivates you and make the right choice(s).

After following this program you will be able to recognize blockades, you will know in which environment your qualities can flourish and you will have a good picture of your own wishes regarding work. Finding a new challenge and applying for a job will not only be more effective and successful, but will also take place from authenticity and strength!

Why Top Executive Care?

  • We have extensive experience in coaching professionals, executives and (senior) management;
  • Qualified coaches;
  • Custom-made;
  • Large business network (large companies, SME, family businesses, healthcare, education and the financial sector)
  • Wide expertise thanks to broad spectrum of services.

Track Career Switch

An orientation for your future career is certainly not a process that takes place overnight. On average, our program takes four to six months, during which you will have close contact with your coach. The program includes various self-study assignments and moments of reflection. The common goal is to identify your interests, talents and motivations. After following our program, you will have a clear picture of the position and type of organization that will enhance your performance. We ensure you are able to effectively avoid obstacles and pitfalls. Searching for a new challenge and applying for a job becomes more effective and successful and takes place from authenticity and strength. This way of coaching connects to questions such as “who am I”, “what do I want” and “what do I have to offer” and is considered by potential new employers to be more effective than simply listing “what am I capable of” in a resume.

Would you like to know more about the added value of the program to you? Or would you like to have a conversation with one of our coaches to find out if you can really benefit from it? Please contact us for an informal intake meeting in which we identify your needs and wishes. Afterwards you will receive a program proposal with an indication of the duration of the program and associated costs.

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Our vision on change

Our coaching always starts with the AEM-cube, a change model based on 20 years of scientific research. The starting point is that every process goes through a growth curve, a wave of change. Every individual has his or her optimum position and unique talent. Our programs make your position visible and increase your strength.

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