Self-evaluation of a Supervisory Board

A well-functioning and professional Supervisory Board (hereinafter the Board) contributes to the optimal functioning of your organization. The annual self-evaluation is included in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code and also in various sector codes.

The professionalism of the Board is promoted by regular reflection on the functioning as a Board and as a member of the Board. The demands placed upon the Board and its responsibilities are still increasing. In addition to a look back at the past, self-evaluation is a way of exploring the future more sharply together. In addition, self-evaluations can inspire.

However, implementation of the self-evaluations can become more educated and easier. Top Executive Care is happy to assist you with this.

We have a long history of affinity and experience with the context, various stakeholders, and interests with which the Board is involved. The self-evaluation is facilitated by Leen Paape (Professor of Corporate Governance and chair of the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute) in collaboration with Marc Pennartz or Albert Hietink, both experienced executive coaches. The self-evaluation may reveal that there is a need for coaching among some members of the team as a whole. At the heart of our vision is our belief that every high performer and every team is able to take control of his or her own change. It requires insight, reflection, and deep attention to start and guide that process. That is where our role lies.

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Our vision on change

Our coaching always starts with the AEM-cube, a change model based on 20 years of scientific research. The starting point is that every process goes through a growth curve, a wave of change. Every individual has hisĀ or her optimum position and unique talent. Our programs make your position visible and increase your strength.

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