'If you stop living as expected, you create conditions to surpass them'

Albert Hietink

Executive Coach & Partner


Albert is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO. For years he led professionals in media, ICT and healthcare and knows from experience the world of lawyers, medical specialists and bankers. From 2011 until 2018 he was CEO of U-center, a private equity-owned innovative mental health clinic. Since 2018, Albert has been Managing Partner at Top Executive Care and active as coach for executives and professionals. He can adapt his role to person and his context. Coach, guide, mentor, substantive sounding board, he has experience in and is expert on burnout with professionals and executives.

Albert has had roles as a creator, pioneer and developer, in which he discovered  that leadership is naturally in him. Now he is passionate about the personal development of others.

About coach Albert

About Albert
Albert is active at Top Executive Care as executive coach. He combines up-to-date knowledge of methodologies with the power of intuition. He listens with his eyes and heart and makes contact through association. An unexpected, striking question can sometimes reveal more than a model and addressing the potential in a person often turns out to be the keynote for success. Albert is driven to get the best out of a person. His international background is impressive. From his personal experience, he is able to put himself in the position of expats and organizations with diversity. He understands the effects of differences and similarities on both a business and personal level.

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Our coaching always starts with the AEM-cube, a change model based on 20 years of scientific research. The starting point is that every process goes through a growth curve, a wave of change. Every individual has his or her optimum position and unique talent. Our programs make your position visible and increase your strength.

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