'Change your perspective and a new world of possibilities presents itself'

Annemarie Snoeck

Executive Coach


Annemarie is an executive and team coach associated with Top Executive Care.

She coaches individuals and teams with a variety of interpretations, whereby leadership, resilience, and interpersonal communication stand out. In the field of burnout and stress among professionals and executives, Annemarie has built up extensive experience and a lot of expertise, to effectively help out people.

After working in marketing for fifteen years, mainly as an independent consultant for various companies, she has shifted the focus from her entrepreneurship to professional coaching. Since then she has been active in coaching courses for professionals in the business world and with various organizations that work on personal development and leadership. In addition, she has a successful coaching practice in Hilversum.

About coach Annemarie

Characteristics form the reliable, solid basis in her coaching. She combines depth and lightness, ratio and feeling, intuition and physical sensations as appropriate or necessary to regain clarity and perspective in a stalled situation.

“The voyage of discovery that I embark on together with the coachee always turns out uniquely. You never know exactly how in advance, but we always come up with new possibilities and solutions that are really motivating. The desired results will follow automatically. This unique process is a huge source of inspiration and encourages me to continue to learn and develop, which in turn benefits everyone who works with me.”

As a coach, she contributes to the process of people ‘coming home’: to themselves, in their team, or organization. To regain a sense of purpose, get up with pleasure every day and work together with lots of energy to achieve set goals. In doing so, Annemarie supports them to take on the challenges, to achieve the desired outcomes and to grow as a person despite – or rather thanks to – the dynamics of every day.

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Our vision on change

Our coaching always starts with the AEM-cube, a change model based on 20 years of scientific research. The starting point is that every process goes through a growth curve, a wave of change. Every individual has his or her optimum position and unique talent. Our programs make your position visible and increase your strength.

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