'I let clients' talent that they have not been using effectively until now, come out'

Harry Vink



Harry has worked years as a coach for senior managers, executives and young talents in various profit and non-profit organizations, both at the individual and team level, for over 20 years. As a management consultant, he provides advice in the areas of conflict management, personal assessments and change management. In addition, Harry provides management training and is a supervisor of coaches within various organizations.

Through his training as a psychiatrist and system therapist, Harry has developed strong diagnostic skills. This enables him to quickly assess people and give feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. With this feedback his clients can draw conclusions about themselves and what they want to change.

As a coach, Harry helps strengthen the talents of clients that they have not been using effectively so far. In doing so, the goal is to help people who want to change, use their talents, find new challenges and enjoy their work environment more.

About coach Harry

In training and (team) coaching programs Harry pays extra attention to involving the environment in the analysis. This is important because the organizational structure and culture are crucial in the actions of people and teams. In all his programs and trajectories, he teaches participants to constantly change their perspective on what they want and are trying to achieve, versus what is feasible given the internal and external factors. By showing people how to change their perspective, they can function better in a variety of circumstances. By using certain interventions, Harry ensures that they thrive and effectively initiate change.

Harry is able to deal with a variety of people and is valued for his analytical ability, diagnostic insight and out of the box thinking. In addition, his clients experience Harry as empathetic and warm. Working as a consultant has sharpened his vision of what is appropriate at both the strategic and tactical levels.

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Onze visie op verandering

Onze coaching vertrekt altijd bij de AEM-cube, een verandermodel dat gebaseerd is op 20 jaar wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Het uitgangspunt is dat elk proces een groeicurve doormaakt, een golf van verandering. Ieder individu heeft daarin zijn optimale positie en unieke talent. Onze programma’s maken je positie zichtbaar en vergroten je kracht.

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