‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change' (Max Planck)

Leen Paape

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Leen is an experienced director and supervisor, starting his career at the Royal Military Academy in Breda. During his military career, he became a certified public accountant and then briefly practised that profession at KPMG. Too many numbers and few people made him look for a change in his career.

Leen successively held roles at KLM, PwC and Nyenrode. Leading professionals formed the leitmotiv of his work. After nearly 10 years of management at Nyenrode, he is now active three days a week as Professor of Corporate Governance and Academic Director of the Board & Governance programs there, including the highly successful supervisory board program. Leen is also active as a supervisor at various organizations such as Univé, SNS Reaal Pensioenfonds and Stichting BOOR.

In short, Leen is tried and tested in theoretical and practical management and supervision. He is a frequent speaker and has also supervised many supervisory boards self-assessments.

Advisor Leen

On a personal level, Leen has several hobbies. He plays golf, reads a lot, loves boxing and likes to cook. From a business point of view, his interest is in complex issues at the interface of public and private. He builds on the trust within and the strength of the team with the mantra: we have to do it together. Safety is an important building block in Leen’s method, which is why team members must know each other well. After all, when things get tense in the team, it is conditional that everyone knows where the other team members come from and what drives them. In every situation, it is important to carefully observe, because if you take another perspective, the thing you are observing changes. Hence his choice for Planck’s quote.

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