‘Only if you listen to your body and feelings, you’ll find blockages’

Tijn Vuijk



Tijn started her career as a multiple international champion freeride skier. Here she discovered that working with breathing techniques offers a similar experience as climbing mountains. Today this makes her a refreshing psychologist and (breathing) coach. Tijn can help you or your team regain motivation, transformation and inspiration. 

Tijn has completed multiple trainings to become the qualified psychologist and coach she is today. She did a systemic training with Nienke Binkhorst in Amersfoort. She also followed the two-year training in shamanic and systemic coaching with horses and other animals at Kifungo. This is also a regular coach training. She followed her training as breath coach at Adem en Stem, under supervision of Stephen Monné. She also has a master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and a research master’s degree in Cognitive Neuropsychology (both Cum Laude). She has also done a Theory-U training at U-lab. So perseverance is in her blood and she likes to transfer that during her sessions.

About coach Tijn

Tijn her mother is a body-oriented therapist and because of this Tijn got to know a lot about the connection between body and mind from an early age. Since 2017 she has her own practice in the field of systemic coaching and breathwork and works with both adults, children and couples. Her intuition and feelings play a big role in this work. 

Tijn offers both one-on-one and group sessions for a whole team. During her breathing sessions you learn to breathe with an optimal oxygen intake through “connected breathing”. Tijn guides you in a purposeful way to bring out the essence. You learn to listen to your feelings and your body and blockages can be removed.

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Onze visie op verandering

Onze coaching vertrekt altijd bij de AEM-cube, een verandermodel dat gebaseerd is op 20 jaar wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Het uitgangspunt is dat elk proces een groeicurve doormaakt, een golf van verandering. Ieder individu heeft daarin zijn optimale positie en unieke talent. Onze programma’s maken je positie zichtbaar en vergroten je kracht.

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